Smartphone Heating Controls

We are happy to present you a new offer which allow you to control your heating and hot water from any where via your Smartphone!. We recommend the SALUS range, as we have a lot experience and it has a very good option. Feel free to ask if you have any question about your smart home. This product works in all types of homes including, Detached, Semi-detached, Terrace, Flats and Apartments. The iT500 is the latest in technology and the ideal solution to all your problems, So if you were Smart, You would buy the new Smart phone heating controls now!

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Product details

Salus iT500 Smart Heating Thermostat and Boiler Control

• Access and control your heating and hot water

• Smart heating thermostat and boiler control

• Compatible with many different systems - you can use it for heating only, hot water and heating or two different heating zones (requires iT300)

• You have full temperature control via the wireless thermostat, web browser or app

• Control from anywhere via your smarthone. Application is compatible with: Apple, Android and Windows devices through the app over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

• The system is fully wireless!

Special Features

• Up to 6 programmable daily heating events to ensure your home is warm when you arrive

• Up to 3 programmable hot water events • Automatic frost protection which will switch the heating on, to prevent low temperatures

• Holiday mode and automatic BST/GMT time change, ensures maximum energy efficient control

• Energy save override allows you to set and activate your lowest set temperature

What can I do with the iT500?

The iT500 will change the way you interact with your home’s heating, giving you control over both central heating and hot water. Designed to suit your lifestyle and needs, you can create and set custom schedules, so you will have a warm house and hot water when you need it. Fitted with numerous features, the smart thermostat will adjust to your set requirements. Holiday mode and energy save override work independently to optimise your home’s temperature, whilst maximising energy efficiency. The iT500 does not have any annual fee/subscription, it is a solution to home heating that adjusts to both your heating costs and comforts.

Will the iT500 work with my existing central heating system?

The iT500 is compatible with different zonal systems and setups. It can be used for heating only, hot water and heating (requires a hot water tank) or two different heating zones (requires iT300) The RF boiler receiver is a direct replacement for the basic time (mechanical) clock or blanking plate usually supplied with some boilers. It is suitable for both combination and system boilers. The receiver handles communications and control between your boiler and smart thermostat using a radio frequency (RF) signal. This allows all the benefits of the smart thermostat, with your boiler. Offering a range of up to 30metres, it can be installed in the majority of households.

How can I control the iT500?

Controlling your smart heating could not be easier. It gives you full access to your home’s central heating, when you need it, wherever you are. The iT500 comes complete with a wireless thermostat, allowing you to set or override your home’s smart heating at the touch of a button, or over the web, using your browser. An intuitive app, available for free, allows you to access and control your system from multiple devices simultaneously. Compatible with any iOS 4.3 device or higher including iPhones, iPods and iPads, Android devices running 2.2 and higher, and any Windows smart phone. Control your smart heating over Wi-Fi as well as 3G/4G. You never have to worry about accidently leaving the heating on, saving on your heating bill and reducing your carbon footprint.

Supply and instalation - €340

Watch video below!